Why Are We Different?

At Reign Media Collective we specialize in Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising and Retargeting

What sets us apart is we don’t just utilize one strategy or platform to get results. We utilize a custom landing page, Google advertising, Facebook advertising and unique retargeting strategies to get you results.

This is the MARKETING FRAMEWORK we create for you.

This unique marketing framework unifies the ad’s we do on Facebook and Google to get you greater results. Most people think that the ads on one platform run in isolation to the ads running on other platforms. The reality is that if you don’t unify your marketing you are wasting time and money.

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Hyper Targeted Audiences

Advanced Analytics

Target Your Competitors Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Generate And Store Warm Audiences

Re-targeted Advertising Campaigns

With Facebook Advertising we have the unique ability to decide who sees our ads. We can target age, gender, all kinds of interests, behaviors, shopping patterns, job titles, even targeting based on which pages a person likes, and so much more.

The huge benefit of marketing in this generation is REAL TIME ANALYTICS! If you put up a billboard, or put your ads on tv or radio, can you track your data? Now we see all the data.. How many clicks, what ads are performing well, what ads are not! This allows us to optimize quickly.

If someone visits your website through an ad or even a search on google, we are able to track them.. Do you know who, or how many people are visiting your website?? Wouldn't it be great to re-target them with more ads? Well, we CAN DO IT!!

With Facebook Advertising we have another unique ability.. We can actually target, in most cases, your competitors.. 😮 Imagine the possibilities!

We are able to take cold audiences and warm them up to your products and services quite easily with Facebook Advertising. We then are able to gently and effectively bring them in as happy customers.

Facebook has hundreds of data points on their users. This allows us to create "lookalike audiences" which are mirror images of your current customer list, website visitors, etc.. These audiences are some of the MOST PROFITABLE!

Schedule Your Free Video Consultation!
Schedule Your Free
Video Consultation!

Bryce And Jason Heydinger


Marketing Should Be An Investment..

Not An Expense!!

Marketing is only an expense when you are losing money. When you are making money from effective, optimized, and unified campaigns you begin to see marketing in a new light. You see profits and possibilities.. You realize you can scale your business exponentially!

The only successful campaigns are the ones that bring in results!! Growing brand awareness is nice but WE WORK HARD TO DO SO MUCH MORE FOR OUR CLIENTS! We specialize in getting you happy customers that will love you and be around for life!

Bryce And Jason Heydinger






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